Main Olympic Stadium

ΟΑΚΑ Κεντρικό Στάδιο

Main Olympic Stadium

The Main Olympic Stadium is a modern facility, which provides athletes with all the latest amenities. It also includes areas for all the staff that is necessary for organizing major athletic and cultural events. The construction of the Stadium was complete in 1982. The famous roof, designed by the world-known architect Santiago Calatrava, was added for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

1. Competition Area

  • 105X68m football field
  • 400m track of 9 lanes
  • 4 pole vault boxes
  • 4 circles for shot put
  • 2 lanes for javelin
  • 2 circles for discus throw (one of which is equipped with a safety net which can be transformed into a hammer circle)
  • 6 lanes for long jump and triple jump
  • 2 mattresses for high jump
  • 2 electronic scoreboards

The central lawn of O.A.K.A consists of approximately 6.000 plastic capsules inside which thermophile lawn is grown. The capsules are adjoining, their size is 1.2*1.2m and are situated on a flat cement surface of two acres, flanked by two lateral drainage channels. The irrigation of the lawn is achieved by 35 automatically elevated water launchers with the use of programmed irrigation. This system allows the movement of the lawn to an area outside the stadium in order for the surface to be used for different events.

2. Capacity

Spectators: 69,618
VIP suites: 14      TV suites :2        Security suite:1
Media: 480 (written and electronic press)
Entrances (to the competition area): 2
Parking lots:3

3. Athletes Areas

  • Call Room
  • Athletes dressing rooms: 3
  • Showers
  • Trainers / massage
  • Sauna
  • Warm up area with 4 lanes

4. Judges

  • Jury committee area
  • Press conference room
  • Judges rooms
  • Escorts area
  • Judges area
  • TV control room
  • TV studio

5. Services Areas

  • Guard
  • First Aid
  • Doping Control
  • Staff assistants

6. Auxiliary Areas

  • Sport equipment storage
  • Hygiene areas
  • Storage rooms
  • Engine rooms
  • Auxiliary areas

7. Surrounding Areas

  • Marathon runners gate
  • Access way
  • Inner route