Indoor Training Hall – Supplementary Stadiums

Κλειστό Προπονητήριο – Βοηθητικά Γήπεδα

Indoor Training Hall

      • Athletics Hall:
        • Designated jumping height pole.
        • Designated casting technique for discus cage, valve for shot put, javelin runway.
        • Sandpit long jump, triple jump.
        • Four (4) speed paths of length 130m.
        • Room with fitness equipment and weightlifting plateau.
      • Two (2) rooms with facilities for weightlifting dimensions: 14.80m X 30m and 15 m X 14.80, coaches office, locker room.
      • Two rooms with plastic flooring dimensions 27.30m X 27.30m X 19.80m and 14.80 coaches office, locker room.
      • A room with parquet floor dimensions 27.30 x 14.80 coaches office, locker room
      • Surgery, physiotherapy (Athletics Federation).
      • Six locker rooms with reception area and shower.
      • A sauna with reception area and private pool.


Βοηθητικά Γήπεδα

Supplementary Stadiums

      • Two tennis on grass dimensions 100m x 56m. Each of these features:
        • Tartan 400 8 tracks ruled to commit a racing track.
        • Eight trenches valves long jump and triple jump.
        • Four valves pole (two layers).
        • Eight valves for throwing shot put, discus, hammer throw.
        • Two corridors javelin.
        • Two layers jump.
        • The stadium has a 300 seat bleachers fans.
        • Four pillars lighting.

Note: Both courses are accessible with a ramp for people with disabilities.